Metascraper v0.1.1 has been released. Major changes include:

  • Async / non-blocking I/O for page requests: Originally suggested by analytically, I’ve added asynchronous requesting of webpages via Dispatch
  • ScraperActor now replies with Either[Throwable, ScrapedData] whereas before it replied with Either[Throwable, ScrapedData]. This allows library users to access the full capabilities of thrown objects. This might break your app
  • Added URL validations
  • Better guessing of metadata
  • More relevant User-Agent out of the box
  • Better test coverage

Relevent info:

  • Metascraper Github repo
  • AddlibraryDependencies += "com.beachape.metascraper" %% "metascraper" % "0.1.1" into build.sbt to install