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Module for holding Monoid typeclass definitions and default implementations

A Monoid is a Semigroup that has a defined empty/zero value. This allows us to define a combine_all method to work on a list of said things: Have you ever wanted to combine 2 Hashmaps such that for a given key, if it exists in both maps, their values are summed in the new map?


use std::collections::HashMap;
use frunk::{monoid, Monoid};

let vec_of_no_hashmaps: Vec<HashMap<i32, String>> = Vec::new();
           <HashMap<i32, String> as Monoid>::empty());

let mut h1: HashMap<i32, String> = HashMap::new();
h1.insert(1, String::from("Hello"));  // h1 is HashMap( 1 -> "Hello")
let mut h2: HashMap<i32, String> = HashMap::new();
h2.insert(1, String::from(" World"));
h2.insert(2, String::from("Goodbye"));  // h2 is HashMap( 1 -> " World", 2 -> "Goodbye")
let mut h3: HashMap<i32, String> = HashMap::new();
h3.insert(3, String::from("Cruel World")); // h3 is HashMap( 3 -> "Cruel World")
let vec_of_hashes = vec![h1, h2, h3];

let mut h_expected: HashMap<i32, String> = HashMap::new();
h_expected.insert(1, String::from("Hello World"));
h_expected.insert(2, String::from("Goodbye"));
h_expected.insert(3, String::from("Cruel World"));
// h_expected is HashMap ( 1 -> "Hello World", 2 -> "Goodbye", 3 -> "Cruel World")
assert_eq!(monoid::combine_all(&vec_of_hashes), h_expected);


  • A Monoid is a Semigroup that has an empty/ zero value


  • Given a sequence of xs, combine them and return the total
  • Return this combined with itself n times.