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This module holds the machinery behind Generic.

It contains the Generic trait and some helper methods for using the Generic trait without having to use universal function call syntax.


#[macro_use] extern crate frunk;
#[macro_use] extern crate frunk_core;

struct ApiPerson<'a> {
    FirstName: &'a str,
    LastName: &'a str,
    Age: usize,

struct DomainPerson<'a> {
    first_name: &'a str,
    last_name: &'a str,
    age: usize,

let a_person = ApiPerson {
    FirstName: "Joe",
    LastName: "Blow",
    Age: 30,
let d_person: DomainPerson = frunk::convert_from(a_person); // done


A trait that converts from a type to a generic representation.


Converts one type Src into another type Dst assuming they have the same representation type Repr.

Given a generic representation Repr of a Dst, returns Dst.

Given a value of type Src, returns its generic representation Repr.

Maps a value of a given type Origin using a function on a type Inter which has the same representation type of Origin.

Maps a value of a given type Origin using a function on the representation type Repr of Origin.