Trait frunk_core::labelled::IntoUnlabelled[][src]

pub trait IntoUnlabelled {
    type Output;
    fn into_unlabelled(self) -> Self::Output;
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Trait for turning a Field HList into an un-labelled HList

Associated Types

Required methods

Turns the current HList into an unlabelled one.

Effectively extracts the values held inside the individual Field


use frunk::labelled::chars::*;
use frunk::labelled::IntoUnlabelled;

let labelled_hlist = hlist![
    field!((n, a, m, e), "joe"),
    field!((a, g, e), 3)

let unlabelled = labelled_hlist.into_unlabelled();

assert_eq!(unlabelled, hlist!["joe", 3])


Implementation for HNil

Implementation when we have a non-empty HCons holding a label in its head